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15 June, 2016. Please kindly contact erik@groundbreakersgame.com for copy review request.



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A Turn based tactic game that breaks traditional system of class. Each unit is unique with endless way of customization. A few centuries after the apocalypse, ice in the two poles have melted and the earth has no land left. Disorder and riot occurs everywhere. Governments were destroyed. People built giant cubes and linked them together to have a place to live on. Minerals became rare and hold much value. All the big corporates and organizations rise to powers and start to trade, research robot run by water to dominate mineral rich areas.


Born from a lot of iced tea and Vietnamese coffee.


  • The game features both a single player campaign and multiplayer matches.
  • Test your wits in traditional tactical matches featuring over 15 types of different robots and a wide selection of skills to play with. More to come!
  • Wreak havoc while flexibly adapting to the 5+ types of ever-changing battlegrounds.
  • Position your robots, capture important points, exploit high ground, protect the fortress, make sure the key robot survives, and so on...
  • Tweak and customize your robots using chips. Collect chips of different shapes, and arrange them in the best way possible to maximize your robot's abilities.
  • Expand your robot army by destroying the enemy's robots, and win parts to craft new robots with. Each robot is the result of a different recipe, and what parts you will actually get is a matter of pure luck.
  • Compete against other players in online battles and climb the leaderboards.
  • Expand your army, mostly through sheer force, but also via diplomacy and the accumulation of riches.
  • Fight your way though the non-linear world domination campaign; face opponents with far superior equipment.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Future award goes here (maybe)." Our basement, 20 October, 1989

Selected Articles

  • "Ground Breakers is fun and challenging now, and should continue to be fun and challenging once it’s finished. My only qualms about it are the things it’s lacking due to being unfinished (polish and multiplayer); other than that it’s a solid tactical combat game and I would recommend it to fans of that genre."
    - OverPowered Noobs,
  • "Ground Breakers is a pretty surprising game so far. On the surface it looks like a rather simplistic tactical RPG but once you start playing it you realize that there’s more depth to the game than you previously thought. There’s a bunch of different robots to unlock, excellent and unique battle maps and it all looks great to boot. Definitely one to keep an eye on, it’s already quite the interesting game."
    - Universal Gaming Reviews,

About United Indie

We are gamers just like you, growing up with the rise of console, PC, and then mobile games. And as a long time gamer, you must have at least once tried or been addicted to a turn based tactic game. There was a time when they dominate the consoles and we miss those games. After a long time of searching, waiting for new Turn based tactic game to come out, we have decide to contribute our share to the genre, we will make a game that we and all turn based tactic fans want to play and we also want to attract new players to the genre.

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Ground Breakers Credits

Erik Johnson
Business Development and Marketing

Josh Knapp
Business Development and Marketing

Konstantinos Dimopoulos
Business Development and Marketing

Christopher Anthony Lee
Business Development and Marketing


Nguyen Quoc Tung
Artist, Tinywood

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